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Compare How Easy Our Water Harvesting to Install

The new generation of water harvesting Compare Our (Atlas) water harvesting system against other water harvesting company’s and you will see how great our system is and how we are over 50% more cost affective.

Look what you will save on.

  • No Ground works so no big hole to dig out
  • No Concrete base to put in
  • No excavated materials to go off site
  • No Drainage to be put in
  • No Electronics needed (Control Panel)
  • No Electrics
  • No Pumps
  • No Mains water supply into the garden to top up the tank when it runs out of water

Not required you Save

Funding and Grants

Although funding and grants are not currently available for Rainwater harvesters at present, products do award points in the Code for Sustainable Homes. The water conservation category alone is worth more than 11% in the Code for Sustainable Homes.

How Environmental Friendly?

We can truly boast that we are the only water harvesting company in the market which is absolutely 100% totally green and energy free.

We do away with a large amount of the costly items, and also the labour to fit those items.

We require no energy to run our system.

All other Water Harvesting company’s require electricity to run their pumps’.

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Our technical team will prepare a tailored quotation to your specification, including likely savings, component details & installation instructions.
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