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Professor Asit Biswas
Water Management Expert

We are one of the wettest countries in Europe with rain falling on average 200 days a year.

England is the only part of the world where water is totally privatised. That means the pipes, pumping stations and sewage works belong to Private Individual. Not all water companies in the UK are privatized. Take Scotland for instance and Northern Ireland they are still in public hands and in Wales Welsh Water is run as a non-profit company. In England all nine water and sewerage companies are privatised. This means over the last 10 years water bills in England have shot up by a staggering 64% and last month they rose again by up to 3.5% making the average water bill £388.00. Take Wessex Water since 2003 their prices have gone up 82% and in the last 12 months Bristol Water have increased their charges by a staggering 6.3% and the average household has seen a rise of 64% over the last 10 years. From a report published on 1 May 2013 average water loss through leaks on the system is currently between 24 and 25percent. No wonder our bills keep increasing.

It's time to take action to reduce your water bills by up to 50%. Let Atlas Water Harvesting help you with this. Call today for your free quotation and let's start saving water and money together.

With water shortages in many parts of the country in the summertime the government with its code for sustainability homes is encouraging developers to fit renewables.

But with house prices stagnant or very little increase across the country developers cannot afford to hike the prices with expensive renewables.

The team at Atlas have been working over the last three years to come up with a solution and in 2012 they launched the next generation of rainwater harvesting. Allowing developers to install water harvesting in many instances saving in excess of 30% against traditional rainwater harvesting. Not stopping there the system they have designed can be fitted and ready to work in under a day, unlike traditional rainwater harvesting systems.

But the Atlas team then turned its attention to the end-user. With energy bills ever-increasing the Atlas team looked at this problem, and designed and developed what is now known as the next generation of rainwater harvesting. The system has been designed to do away with any requirements for energy therefore the system runs totally free. This means no more electric bills for water harvesting.

Experts to analyse 'unusual' weatherExperts to analyse 'unusual' weather

Some of the UK's leading experts have been analysing our unusual weather patterns
Some of the UK's leading experts have been analysing our unusual weather patterns

It can't have escaped anyone's notice over the last three or four years that Britain's weather patterns are changing, (as are many countries worldwide) and seemingly in more record breaking ways too.

Take the new temperature lows as experienced in The big freeze that gripped the UK in December 2010 and saw the lowest temperature for the month in 100 years.

Or last summer's washout for instance. And then there was this spring which was the coldest in 50 years - with a UK average of 6C (42.8F) between March and May.

No one can say whether or not climate change is man made or even influenced by man, but we do need to change the way we deal with it if we are to preserve our way of life not 'at some time in the future' but tomorrow and next year.

Atlas Water Harvesting reaction has been to try to turn a threat into an opportunity by using rainwater harvesting if the changes to the Atlantic jet stream are set to bestow more rain upon Britain each summer then why not take advantage of this by rainwater harvesting the rain that falls on a property for use by that property? Savings of 50% of their water rates are available to property owners with an Atlas Water Harvesting system. At a macro scale the benefits are felt by reducing the carbon footprint of the water authorities by reducing the quantity of water they are responsible for.

At an individual level the property owner benefits (not only from the reduced water rates but in having NO ongoing electricity bills to run the Atlas Water Harvesting system as it is gravity fed, unlike 'underground tank' based rainwater harvesting systems which require an electric pump) but at a national level we could all benefit by reducing the nations CO2 emissions, which is known to be a contributing factor to climate change.

The Government has already created legislation to encourage housing developers to build more environmentally via 'code for sustainable homes' and here too Atlas Water Harvesting can help developers to achieve a 'win -win' by providing a roof based rainwater harvesting solution that achieves code 4 for less. We can achieve this due to the simplicity of the system, which requires no underground tanks, electric pumps or electricity to run, and can be easily installed in less than a day.

For more news on the Met Offices recent high level meeting to understand the causes of changes to Britain's weather systems read the BBC article here: www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-22959578

Sainsbury's Achieve 50% Water ReductionSainsbury's Achieve 50% Water Reduction
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