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Why Water Harvest

Water has now become a valuable commodity and with climate changes our relationship with water has fundamentally changed.

Rainwater Harvesting is becoming a major consideration in all new development and renovations around the country, whether it is a self-builder or a major property developer. Rainwater harvesting is a solution which supports the environment and assists with water shortages and helps to satisfy the increasing demand on our water. It’s crazy to just let a precious commodity like water to go down our drainage system, and into our river system sometimes creating flooding when we have the knowledge of how to catch the rainwater at our home; not only saving us money on our water bill, but we can help stop the waste ofwater and also help prevent flooding.

Environmental issues are becoming increasingly important and there is a growing public awareness of the contribution that good building design can make and help to reducing pollution and improving the environment.

By Rainwater harvesting we save up to 50% of the water that we would need from the mains supply.

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